So far, my exploration of Dubai has been a satisfyingly beautiful experience, considering how, this city has managed to surprise me every single time I have ventured out. And therefore I would like to add another spot to this list of surprises-Souk Madinat Jumeirah. ‘Souk’ is an Arabic word which means ‘market’ and this is exactly what this place is all about. It is a fairly large marketplace, aesthetically designed in such a way that it is reminiscent of the old Middle Eastern style in terms of its construction and its mode of functioning. Also its architecture is a mix of both traditional Middle Eastern as well as European styles. It houses a number of shops within it selling an eclectic collection of almost everything traditional such as clothes, beautiful chandeliers,spices, handicrafts and so on. Therefore I would say it was quite an ideal place for someone interested in purchasing souvenirs and unique trinkets.

As I kept walking around, I realised that the highlight of the place is its beautiful architecture and its calm, cool ambience. It had many restaurants within it, all of which were facing a serene water canal, another unique aspect of this market. I believe that this canal was something that added an air of romance to the whole place as it offered a beautiful view for people dining there, and therefore I would suggest this as one of the best places for couples and date nights!

While in the market, I had the opportunity to meet someone quite interesting- Shaheen, the falcon. Falcon is the national bird of this country and therefore held in high esteem. The bird keeper allowed me to hold the bird on my arm with proper protective gear for sometime and he warned me that the bird was used only to be photographed. Since it was a symbol of national importance, any harm to the bird might lead even to the bird keeper losing his job. He had been working with this bird for many years by now and therefore spoke quite a lot about the bird. I was glad that the bird had its eyes covered up partially, considering how dangerously ferocious it was according to his description of the bird. I also came across a group of singers who kept moving throughout the market as they sang and it was delightful to watch their performance as a few other tourists danced to their music.

Another unique aspect of the market is that one can get quite a decent view of the famous Burj Al Arab from here. So Burj Al Arab is one of the most famous and also one of the costliest hotels in the world. Its fame has made it the face of Dubai and is thus considered as one of the prominent landmarks of Dubai. I also got to know that it was also an architectural wonder with gold plated interiors, a helipad, large spacious rooms or suites costing quite a sum, aquariums, a large number of restaurants and so on goes the list. Thus a good view of this world famous hotel was another highlight for me while I explored the market.

Thus these are a few of the interesting things that I came across while at Souk Madinat Jumeirah. To put it simply, this market is definitely worth a visit as it is quite an experience in itself for the unique sights, aromas and aura would make a wondrous impression on anyone who comes here.