An Autogyro (from Greek, self-turning), also recognised as gyroplane or gyrocopter is a kind of rotorcraft that makes use of an unpowered rotor in the rotation of blades due to ascending wind to improve lift. Furthermore, an engine-powered airscrew to deliver plunge. Despite the fact that it is similar to a helicopter rotor in look, the autogyro’s rotor should have air flowing through the rotor disc to produce spin. The design specification of a GC 350 is such that it is 3m long, 1.8m in width, 2.3m in height and weighs around 115 kilograms. The span of the rotor blade is 7m while the propeller is 1.6m in wooden material. It holds a Yamaha RD-350 engine that has a twin cylinder. The constituents used for blades are fiberglass composite.

An autogyro is characterized by a free-spinning rotor that turns because of the passage of air through the rotor from aerodynamic below. The upright (in the down direction) constituent of the total reaction of the rotor gives lift for the vehicle, and sustains the Autogyro in the air. A distinct propeller offers thrust in the forward direction and can be sited in a tractor shape with the engine and propeller at the front of the fuselage or pusher conformation with the engine and propeller at the rear of the fuselage. In 1983, the leading Gyrocopter was built by Prof. Rustom B Damaniaat IISC Bangalore, which is an imitation of “American Benson Gyrocopter”. It flew for the first time over the Indian land.

Story of GC-350

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so was the case with this dream project. It took more or less 24 months to accomplish the dream. We sustained to work on this even after finishing the engineering degree from Coorg Institute Of Technology in Mechanical 2016 July. The big aim was that of a Monocopter. So we thought of going step by step and started to make a Gyrocopter as a part of Final year project. The First Model (tractor type) 3D design was finalized by Jan 2016. Raw ingredients were brought together from Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Cannanore (Kannur). Furthermore, we planned to construct rotor blades and rotor head as this is inaccessible in Indian markets. The main obstacle was the time as it took factually 3 months of diligence. Advancements are always important and so we thought of changing the design to a Gyro glider due to inaccessibility of engine. On 18 February 2017, we performed our first test for Autorotation in college premises. On 21 February 2017, we performed the truck bed test for inspecting the speed and competence of rotor blade

Furthermore, we thought of making a full scale Gyrocopter with an altered design (pusher type) for which design was finalized by March 2017. We carefully chose RD-350 engine for the power plant. Everything was done and dusted by May 2017. We named this GC-350 (where GC stands for gyrocopter and 350 stands for power of engine)

Achievements of GC-350

GC-350 is India’s first completely ready to fly, full scale Gyrocopter made by engineering students. It is a complete Indian handmade flying machine.

If you closely notice then there is a unique design and self-fabricated parts. Definitely not to miss the amazing Yamaha RD-350 engine.

“I would like to thank all of you
Principal : P. Mahabaleswarappa
Asst. Professor & HOD. (MECH) : Mr. Subbaiah K S
Project guide from MECH Department : Asst Prof Mr. Kishen Karumbaiah
Technical guide : Muthanna Mapangada & Mr. Raji Kollimada
Fabrication assiting by: Mr. Vijesh
Team : Ganesh V K ,Sarath Kumar & Amit
Also the management, staffs, and friends of Coorg Institute of Technology for your support throughout this project. It wouldn’t happen without you. You have been so wonderful to work with on a professional and personal level. Everything was handled effectively and professionally. I and my team really appreciate the support facilities, love, and care given to us. Thank you all once again”

–Lithin Lakshman

Indian History Of Gyrocopter:
In 1983, the first Gyrocopter was built by Prof. Rustom B Damaniaat IISC Bangalore, which is a replica of “American Benson Gyrocopter” (a foreign model).It flew for the first time in the Indian land.
90hp McCulloch engine
weight 136kg
This is the only successful gyrocopter so far made in India.

A few engineering students from Tamilnadu attempted to make a gyrocopter but unfortunately, that was not completed successfully.
Again a few engineering students from Kerala tried for the same but was not succeeded.

We are the only engineering students who have done a full scale, ready to fly gyrocopter waiting for the final testing after successful completion of two tests(test for autorotation and truck bed test).